[March 2024] 🤠 What’s new in Referral Rock

Improved member portal, new referral banner, more educational content, revisit passwordless access

Welcome to the March 2024 roundup, where we share what’s new at Referral Rock. 🤠 Other semi-monthly editions include Data Insights and Feature Updates.

Hi there,

We’re revamping our content to make it more useful, accurate, and interlinked. This is a big undertaking but we’re excited about this next phase of educational content. 

This includes improvements to our:

  • Blog - best practices, accuracy, and relevancy 

  • Videos - experimenting with short-form educational videos 

  • Free Tools - help people get started and run better referral programs

  • Support Center - improved quality and more articles

See our new 👀 Content Updates section below 👇🏻 along with our usual  Product Updates.

Cheers to a great spring 🌷


👀 Content Updates

Better testing instructions: Review how to test and troubleshoot member promotion, sharing, referral conversion and updates, rewards, and automated emails. Take a look if you’re creating a new program or relaunching an older one.

Program promotion recommendation: More options and advice on best practices for promoting your referral program. Check it out if you’re looking for ways to get more members to participate and share.

Referral codes: New explainer video and updated content. Better explaination on how referral codes work and how to start using them.

Referral links: New explainer video and updated content. Better explaination on how referral links work and how to start using them.

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Product Updates

Enhanced Member Portal Views: The Member Portal plays a pivotal role in how we approach referral programs. It is the central hub for sharing and engagement. And we’ve made it better.

These improvements benefit all members from power users to casual participants.

  1. More visually appealing card view for members

  2. Ability to switch to table view for power users

  3. Robust search, filtering, and sorting

  4. More properties and configuration options

  5. Improved mobile experience

See it in Action: Interactive Demo and Mobile Experience

The new Portal Views are turned on for all new accounts. If your account was created before March 7, 2024, then request access.

Referral Banner: Display a banner on your website when a referral visits. This creates a more personalized experience for referrals learning about your business. It works especially well for e-commerce companies that want to display a coupon code. Change the text, color, font, and add a coupon code. Request Access.

ICYMI: Passwordless Member Access: Last year we released our passwordless member access feature to make it easier for members to join your program. This feature has greatly improved program adoption and participation because now members no longer need to create or remember passwords when accessing their Portal. Request Access.

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