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[Reward Management] Give your customers rewards they actually want

Rewards are something we take seriously at Referral Rock. Find out what you can do with the flexible reward builder.

This is a Feature Updates edition, where we go deep on a feature and how it enhances the referral experience. Other editions include Data Insights and Monthly Roundups.

It’s common knowledge that rewards can influence behavior. But did you know the anticipation and perceived value of the reward can be just as motivating as the reward itself? 

Another big motivator: giving a friend or family member a reward or discount (vs. only getting one for yourself).

Rewards are something we take seriously at Referral Rock. Our flexible reward builder makes it easy to offer rewards people actually want (like gift cards!) with incentive structures that go beyond “give one, get one” and keep your best advocates motivated to share more. 

How does the reward builder work?

The reward builder lets you set up reward rules for the referring customer, the referral (new customer), or both. 

Each reward rule consists of 3 components: 

  • The reward type and amount: gift card, cash payment, coupon, custom reward 

  • The reward trigger: the referral status that triggers the reward, plus any additional conditions (like reward tiers) 

  • The reward delivery: the delivery method (issue instantly or review & issue)

Can I trigger rewards based on actions in my CRM or e-commerce platform?

Yes! Integrate your systems with Referral Rock and trigger rewards based on: 

  • Checkouts in your e-commerce platform (e.g. Shopify, WooCommerce, and more) 

  • Opportunities and Closed Won Deals in your CRM (e.g. HubSpot, Salesforce, and more) - this is super valuable for businesses with multi-step sales processes!

Can I offer tiered or recurring rewards?

Yes! The reward builder makes it simple to create different reward structures, including: 

  • 2-sided rewards that incentivize both the existing customer and the new referral customer.

    • Example: $20 gift card for the referrer and a 15% discount for the new customer (referral).

  • Milestone/tiered rewards, which encourage customers to keep sharing to get even better rewards. 

    • Example: $10 cash for each referral and a $20 bonus when you reach 10 referrals. 

  • Recurring rewards, which are popular with subscription products and affiliate programs. 

    • Example: $125 reward per subscription sale, plus 10% recurring commission.

Remember: Rewards are the fuel of your referral program and lay the foundation for how you promote it. Be clear in your offering and make sure it’s adding enough value for your target audience (hint: don’t discount the power of 2-sided rewards). Motivation is the name of the game!

Wishing you a great rest of the month 😎

- Erin

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