[January 2024] 🤠 What's new in Referral Rock

New bulk member migration, member portal email link, and more!

Welcome to the January 2024 roundup, where we share what’s new in Referral Rock. 🤠 Other semi-monthly editions include Data Insights and Feature Updates.

Hi there,

While shopping online for Christmas presents last month, I noticed something odd: one company (a well-known clothing brand) asked me to join their referral program before I even purchased anything. The pop-up annoyed me — I’m browsing your website, don’t ask me to start referring friends! 

This experience ties into our founder, Josh’s, recent sentiments on the Gross Profit Podcast: Asking for referrals can be like Goldilocks and the Three Bears. Being too cold (or too passive) usually doesn’t result in many referrals. But being too hot (like asking someone to refer before they’ve even purchased!) can also burn your chance for a referral. 

The “just right” experience is giving the customer an easy way to share on their terms, after they've had a great experience with your brand.

And with that, onto what we shipped this month. 🌟


📣 Product Updates

Bulk Member Program Migration: You can now move a batch of members from one program to another within Referral Rock (from a referral program to a brand ambassador program, for example). Go to Members > Import > Migrate Members in the top menu to upload a CSV file and move members over.

Email links in Member Portal - You can now add a “Get Help” email link in the top nav of your Member Portal (note: this is included in all new programs). The link makes it easy for your program participants to email you if they have questions, at an address of your choice. P.S. Bigger Member Portal updates coming next month!

ICYMI: “Launch” tab in program editor - Check out the new “Launch” tab in the program editor. The simple 3-step checklist gives you the confidence to launch when you’re ready and promote your program with the marketing tools you already use (e.g. HubSpot).

Smaller Improvements:

  • Salesforce integration performance updates 

  • Fixed password reset error for expired links 

  • Wise Payment API upgrade 

  • Program Selector UI updates

Did you know? 🤔

You can reward your customers or affiliates with recurring rewards in Referral Rock! It’s a feature that many of our SaaS and e-commerce customers love. Learn more >

❤️ Customer Love

Shoutout to our CS team!

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