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  • [December 2023] 🤠 The best features we shipped this year

[December 2023] 🤠 The best features we shipped this year

Looking back at the highlights in a year of exciting product updates — plus a sneak peak at 2024.

Welcome to the December 2023 roundup, where we’re sharing a recap of what shipped this year. 🤠 Other semi-monthly editions include Data Insights and Feature Updates.

Hi there,

Thank you for being part of Referral Rock’s journey this year! 2023 has been packed with memorable moments, from expanding our team to making significant strides with our product. 

With the goal of making referral programs easier to promote and manage, the team focused on 3 key areas:

  • The member experience 

  • Program analytics 

  • Referral tracking 

Below is a countdown of the top 8 features we shipped in 2023 (+ 3 things we’re shipping in 2024).

Wishing you a wonderful holiday season and end of the year!


📣 Counting down our biggest product updates of 2023

💬 8 - Request Assistance workflow - Getting help just got even easier! Go to Help > Request Assistance from your admin dashboard, and our team will provide you with fast, targeted support.

📈 7 - GA4 Support - Are you a fan of Google Analytics? Our GA4 integration makes it easy to track key events from your referral program, including member and referral visits, shares, and form fills. Learn more > 

🗄️ 6 - Program Template Picker - Customize your program based on your target audience! Choose from Customers, Affiliates or Partners, or Anyone (e.g. customer, employee, partner, etc) when you start a new program, and you’ll get a template to use in our program editor. 

💡 5 - Referral Visits Dashboard - See how many website visits your program is generating (and how many of those visits convert). Plus get a detailed view of every referral’s journey. Find it in the new Analytics tab on your admin dashboard. Learn more > 

📧 4 - Member Visits Dashboard - Keep track of new and returning members, including the sources of their visits (e.g. email campaigns, social, etc.) and how often they’re sharing. Learn more > 

🔎 3 - Enhanced Referral Tracking - Referral Rock integrates with 30+ form and e-commerce platforms, which means you can capture referrals using your existing tools — and create a consistent, on-brand experience. Learn more >

🚪 2 - Passwordless Member Access - Say goodbye to passwords! New and existing members can now access their portal with popular social logins like Google and Facebook (they can also use email to receive an access link). Learn more >  

🔗 1 - Program Link Builder (+ Launch tab) - Skip the stress of a broken link or bad user experience and get personalized access links to promote your program on websites, apps, and emails. Try it now > 

 Coming soon!

  • New Admin Dashboard - We're giving our dashboard a fresh new look to make day-to-day program management and results tracking better. 

  • Member Portal Updates - We’re also polishing the Member Portal to provide a better sharing experience. 

  • Bulk Member Program Migration - Soon you’ll be able to easily move members from an existing Referral Rock program to another program using a CSV file.