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[Program Link Builder] Promoting your referral program just got easier ✨

Use the new program link builder to promote sharing in all the right places.

This is a Feature Updates edition, where we go deep on a feature and how it enhances the referral experience. 

Other editions include Data Insights and Monthly Roundups.

To get the BEST results from your referral program, you want to regularly remind people to share — and make it frictionless for them.

❌ “We launched our referral program, now people will just…come.”
“Let’s meet people where they’re at and remind them to share (without being pushy about it).”

Enter: Referral Rock’s new program link builder. This easy-to-use tool creates referral program access links that fit in your marketing tech stack. Each link automatically inserts the email address and name of the link recipient, giving them instant access to their Member Portal (where they can start sharing right away).

Say goodbye to fussing with URL merge tags, looking up technical documentation, or phoning a technical friend to help build these types of links. There’s a better way!

It’s simple: Select your program and where you want the link to be placed (e.g. in a HubSpot email campaign, on a marketing page). You can select multiple locations if you want. Click Continue and you’ll see your access links appear, ready to copy and paste into your marketing assets and campaigns.

The program link builder in Referral Rock

What does a user see when they click the access link? 

The user will get instant access to their Member Portal, including their unique share URL and pre-populated share messages. This makes it easy for people to refer as soon as they click your link, without having to worry about logins or passwords. Learn more about One Click Access links >

In short: One Click Access links + a dedicated member portal = a way better referral experience. With the program link builder, you can skip the stress of a broken link or bad user experience and build personalized links into your marketing efforts with confidence.

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Wishing you a great rest of the month 😎

- Erin

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