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[Referral Tracking] Is your business capturing referrals where they happen?

Referral Rock now integrates with 30+ form and e-commerce platforms

One of the most common questions we get here at Referral Rock: Is it hard to set up referral conversion tracking? (aka Is it one more time-consuming thing we have to ask our devs to do?)

The answer? No! We now integrate with 30+ form and e-commerce platforms, which means you can capture referrals using your existing systems 👇 

Not only does this mean it’s faster to set up your program, it also allows you to create a consistent, on-brand experience with the tools you already have.

…all these and more!

Are you an existing Referral Rock customer?

If you haven’t set up a tracking integration, check out our updated list of supported forms and checkouts. It might be worth it to reap the benefits (more on that below).

Haven’t built your referral program yet?

Conversion capture is a must-have for any type of referral program. Most platforms are easy to set up, or our support team can help you through our Concierge Onboarding.

How integrated forms + checkouts supercharge your referral program 🔥

By automatically tracking conversions where they happen — whether that’s making a purchase on your online store or filling out a demo request form — you can ensure you’re accurately measuring the value of your program and rewarding the person who made the referral. 🤑

When you integrate Referral Rock with the form builder or e-commerce site you already use, you’re set up to capture the referrals people send your way at the destination of your choice, including:

  • Checkout pages

  • Landing pages with lead capture forms

  • Contact forms anywhere on your site

…or any other page you want to drive referrals to!

Bonus: Any email address that’s tracked (even ones that don’t come from a referrer) can be sent an invite to join the referral program. This is a great way to create a referral loop! Learn more >

And remember! Tracking is just one important of the referral integration process. Here are the other ways Referral Rock integrates with your systems:

Questions? Check out our integration docs.

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