[May 2023] Passwordless Member Login in Beta

Passwordless member login beta, industry-specific program guides and more!

Welcome to the May 2023 Referral Rock round-up! 🤠 Your one-stop-shop for everything going on with your favorite referral software. Where we turn your biggest fans into sources of business referrals.


May is wrapping up and summer is upon us. I hope everyone is doing well and planning fun vacay time in the next few months, but as of right now we still have some business to attend to.

Every dollar counts these days. I’m analyzing where we have waste, but also where we need to double down and invest in the future for us and our software.

Personally I’ve been tweaking our Google Ads to make sure we’re not paying for clicks that won’t ever lead to being a customer. I also recently discovered Microsoft’s free new tool called Clarity.

  • It’s a 100% free forever tool that helps you see how users are behaving on your website

  • Heatmaps, session recordings... all that good stuff to help you improve your website experience

  • Get insights to make improvements to your conversion rates

  • Great for cut some marketing tool costs (like a hotjar)

We’ve also made the full leap to GA4 and am honestly excited about it, yet I know not everyone is. (don’t forget to check out our GA4 integration for Referral Rock)

Regarding product investments, earlier this year we made a product commitment to making the sharing experience as seamless as possible for members.

Our product manager found some great insights in our data. Users often dropped off on the login screen and never signed in even though they came there with the intent for some action (most likely to share). This is a huge opportunity to reduce friction.

If you’re running a referral program and there is friction in the sharing process, you won’t get as many referrals. If we continue to make it easier for your members (customers, brand ambassadors, affiliates) to share can only get you more shares→ more referrals.

One of our missions has always been to provide the best share experience that gets you more referrals.

Here are some of the features we have planned for a seamless sharing experience:

  • Passwordless Member Experience (now in beta, see below) - Easy to access/register without the pain of passwords

  • Restricted Member Portal - Viewing parts of the portal (including sharing) that don’t require any authentication

  • More email marketing platform integrations - Easier for your business to promote programs through email campaigns and footers on every email

Thank you for being a Referral Rock supporter!


🤔 Did you know?

Inside of Referral Rock’s Blog, there are industry specific guides for running a referral program! Our guides for Accounting, Roofing, Fitness Studios, Auto Dealerships, and Staffing are sure to set your program up for success!

🔦 Passwordless Member Login is now in beta!

Through Passwordless, members no longer need to create or remember a password in order to access their dashboard.

Passwordless streamlines the access that a member has to their sharing URL so that they can easily reengage with the program when they want to, see stats, view their own impact…

Passwordless Authentication will:

  1. Increase program engagement by making it easier for members to access their share experience.

  2. Simplify access by combining login or registration page into one page. (new members and existing members)

If you are interested in opting into Passwordless for your referral program, you can opt in here feedback.referralrock.com (which will automatically include your account details)

📣 Other Product Announcements

More sharing = more referrals

Alongside the rollout of Passwordless Member Login, we have simplified the entire registration and login experience for members, including rebranding and simplifying the Registration emails to new Welcome emails. [Learn more]

Tracking helps you measure results and get insights

With the sunsetting of Google Analytics Universal, we now offer support for Google Analytics 4 through a simple integration. [See how]

Integrations & automations put referrals on autopilot

  • Did you know that you can connect Referral Rock to Zapier in order to automatically update referrals? [See how]

  • When refilling your Tango account balance with a credit card, you will now be asked to enter a security code [Learn more]

Want to integrate your software with Referral Rock but unsure if it’s supported? Have a feature request? Fill out this request form!

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