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[GA4] Google Analytics 4 support added to Referral Rock

Track & gain valuable insights from your referral programs inside GA4

We are excited to announce that Referral Rock now supports GA4! This easy-to-setup integration helps you gain valuable behavioral insights from referral program.

With Google Analytics Universal going away in July there is no better time to make the switch to GA4 and have all your referral program analytics sync’d up too.

🤨 What is GA4?

Google Analytics 4 (GA4) is Google's next-gen analytics platform offering advanced tracking and measurement capabilities. With Referral Rock's seamless integration, businesses can now track the impact and performance of their referral programs with precision.

Once setup you get in-depth program activity along with your other web site activities you are already tracking. Visits to your member and referral pages, member shares, referral added from forms, and referrals directly added by a member.

🔑 Key benefits of the GA4 integration

Connecting Referral Rock and GA4 has some major benefits when it comes to understanding the impact and success of your referral program:

  • Basic: Page views, sessions, user, and user demographic tracking

  • Advanced Tracking: Track member and referral actions across devices and channels for a complete view of your referral program’s impact.

  • Enhanced Analytics: Uncover valuable insights into member and referral behavior patterns, conversion paths, and lifetime value.

  • Real-Time Reporting: Monitor referral program performance in real-time and make immediate adjustments.

🛠️ Build-in ready to go event-tracking

Once connected, Referral Rock will automatically track and send the following events (with helpful properties like program-id) directly into your GA4 account:

  • Member page views

  • Member widget views

  • Member shares

  • Referral form adds

  • Referrals directly added by a member

  • Referral brand visits (Data from our industry-first Brand Visits Dashboard)

See our Integration Docs for details on the events and properties as well as the UTM codes we automatically add to shares.

🔧 Connect your GA4 account to Referral Rock

Connecting your GA4 account to Referral Rock is fast and easy. Navigate to the Site Settings page and paste your tracking code in the section for GA4. For detailed instructions and FAQs, visit our Integration Docs.

Note: We only support one Google Analytics tracking per account at a time. That means after you switch from our old Google Analytics Universal tracking to GA4, the GA Universal data will no longer show up.

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