[April 2023] Year of efficiency + how to use ChatGPT

Product updates, year of efficiency, and more

Welcome to the April 2023 Referral Rock round-up! 🤠 Your one-stop-shop for everything going on with your favorite referral software. Where we turn your biggest fans into sources of business referrals.

For all you tech-enabled companies out there it’s hard not to hear about AI, lay-offs, and business priorities shifting to an “efficiency” mindset. (Speaking of efficiency, you know referral programs are a perfect way to get more with less… Just saying 😀)

Below, are your other product updates 👀. I also hope you’ve filed your taxes as it’s tax day 🧾 here in the US. If not go ahead and go do that then come back to the newsletter.


🤔 Fun Referral Stat

While extremely popular, gift card rewards only make up 50% of all incentives sent by Referral Rock customers!

With such a diverse customer base, we believe it’s important to offer a wide range of reward options. This is why in addition to gift cards, Referral Rock Customers can send rewards via coupon, PayPal and Wise.

📣 Recent Product Announcements

More sharing = more referrals

  • Have more than one product or service to promote? Add additional referral links for your members to share [See how]

  • Referral program member registration is a breeze with email platform-specific documentation [See how]

Tracking helps you measure results and get insights

We recently announced our new Brand Visits Dashboard, which will show you just how much brand awareness your referral program is generating for your organization. Brand Visits Dashboard

Integrations & automations put referrals on autopilot

  • Want to connect your referral program with your Typeform? Our new Typeform integration doc walks you through easy set up instructions. [Learn more]

  • Hey BigCommerce users! Our new integration doc shows you how to connect your referral program with BigCommerce in order to track referral purchases. [Learn more]

  • Payout emails are now accessible on the Emails page of the Program Editor for easy editing [See how]

Want to integrate your software with Referral Rock but unsure if it’s supported? Have a feature request? Fill out this request form!

🔦 Feature Spotlight

Do you have a chunk of referral program members with outdated information? Need to add an additional custom field to each member’s profile?

Instead of manually updating each member, it’s now easier than ever to mass update your members by batch updating through our recently released Member Update Import option!

Update up to 10,000 members at a time by importing a CSV file containing their most recent profile information.

❤️ We love our customers, and they love us too!

“It’s incredibly easy to use and set up. I love how everything integrates seamlessly… [Referral Rock] was ready to get us what we needed on call one of onboarding!” ⭐️⭐️⭐️⭐️⭐️

“We had been manually tracking referrals and referral payouts before Referral Rock… We love it! Very easy to use and the support team has been great at answering questions. This system has helped us streamline the referral process and earn even more referral revenue!” ⭐️⭐️⭐️⭐️⭐️

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