[Feature Update] Upgraded Portal Views

Improvements to how your members view referral and reward data in their Member Portal.

This is a Feature Updates edition, where we go deep on a feature and how it enhances the referral experience. Other editions include Data Insights and Monthly Roundups.

We're excited to announce a significant update to the Member Portal to improve your member’s experience. The updates bring a new level of clarity and control to how they view their referrals and rewards.

What’s New: Enhanced Portal Views

The new Portal Views make the experience better for both casual and advanced members.

  • Card views (on by default): a lighter and more visually appealing way to view referrals and rewards 

  • Switchable table view: power users see more referrals and rewards as their volume grows

  • Robust search, filtering, and sorting: members can easily view sets of referrals and rewards however they want.

  • More properties and configuration options: more properties to display and greater control over how they’re displayed on the Member Portal (includes showing coupon code on the reward)

  • CSV export: members can export their referrals and rewards 

  • Improved mobile experience: better portal navigation and usability when on a mobile device

  • Small experiences that matter: if there are no referrals or rewards listed then a share widget appears, encouraging them to continue sharing and improved notes functionality

See it in Action: Interactive Demo and Mobile Experience

To learn more about these changes, see the My Referrals Tab and My Rewards Tab support articles.

Do I have the updated Portal Views on my programs?

The new Portal Views are turned on for all new accounts (signed March 7, 2024 or after). If your account was created before then (or you’re not sure), submit a request to get the feature turned on for your account (select Enable new features > Member Portal - Referrals & rewards card layout).

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Special thanks to all the customers who provided great feedback on the previous Member Portal. It’s because of your suggestions and input that led to these exciting improvements. So keep the feedback coming!

- Mica

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