[July 2023] Program template picker is here

Customer referral vs affiliate programs, product updates, customer love & more

Welcome to the July 2023 roundup, where we share what’s new in Referral Rock. 🤠 Other semi-monthly editions include Data Insights and Feature Updates.

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Happy mid-summer — we hope it’s been a good one for you so far!

July marked the launch of our new Program Template Picker. 🥳 Whenever you start a new program on Referral Rock, you can choose between a Customer Referral Program and an Affiliate & Partner Program, with templates for each.

What’s the difference between these types of programs? you might be wondering (don’t worry — many people confuse them). Some key distinctions:

🧑🏼‍🤝‍🧑🏽 Customer referral programs

Participants: Existing customers
Share method: Participants share links with people they know and get an incentive for every successful referral
Incentive types: One-time discounts, store credits, gifts cards, cash, service upgrade
Reach: Shares usually happen via email, social media, and text

📢 Affiliate marketing programs

Participants: Content creators (e.g. bloggers, influencers, brand ambassadors)
Share method: Affiliates place trackable links in their content and earn a reward if someone makes a purchase from that link
Incentive types: Usually cash-based
Reach: Shares usually happen via websites, blog posts, social media bios, ads, videos, and forums

More on the new program picker (+ other updates) below. 👇

Until next time!


📣 Product Updates

Program Template Picker: When you add a program to a new or existing account, you can now choose between a Customer Referral, Affiliate & Partner, or Not Sure option. Picking a program type will determine your initial program settings and provide you a template for building. The settings can be modified at any time.

Program Template Picker

Restricted Member Portal View: This new view allows members to see parts of their portal (including share links) without requiring authentication. More to come on frictionless sharing updates in the next newsletter!

Bug fixes:

  • Admin operators can access reward details and re-issue Tango rewards as needed

  • Improvements to conversion form tracking

  • Clearer organization of email campaigns (see “Manage Member Campaigns” and “Manage Invite Campaigns” buttons in your program dashboard)

❤️ Customer Love

HubSpot integration for the win!

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