[August 2023] 🤠 Track Member Visits and Engagement

Check out the new Member Visits Dashboard, analytics tab, and more.

Welcome to the August 2023 roundup, where we share what’s new in Referral Rock. 🤠 Other semi-monthly editions include Data Insights and Feature Updates.

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I’ve been thinking a lot about blog Conversion Rate Optimization this month, something that will resonate with anyone building a content marketing program from scratch or running a more mature operation (we’re the latter!). A few of my favorite resources on the topic are here and here (and this article is on my to-read list for overall website CRO). 🔖

One big thing I’ve discovered since joining a referral software company is that there are many ways to set up reward structures. We just released an in-depth guide to milestone (or “tiered”) referral programs, with examples and tips. I learned a lot!

Onward: Keep on scrolling to see what we shipped in August to make it even easier (and more effective) to measure your referral program’s performance. 📈



📣 Product Updates

Member Visits Dashboard (beta): You can now track when both new and returning members visit their share portal, plus the sources they’re coming in from (e.g. email campaigns, social, etc.) and how often they’re sharing.

The “Total Shares” section is key, as it helps you track the success of your program over time. Find this dashboard under the Analytics tab in your Referral Rock account. Nothing to set up — it’s all built in! Learn more >

Member Visits Dashboard

New Analytics Tab: We’ve put the new Member Visits Dashboard, plus the Referral Visits Dashboard (formerly known as Brand Visits) in a new spot in your Referral Rock account. Check out the Analytics tab in your dashboard, where you’ll also see a Reports section with downloadable CSV files for members, referrals, rewards, and more.

Note: Because we changed the name of the Brand Visits dashboard to Referral Visits, we’ve also changed the Google Analytics event name from RR_Referral_Brand_View to RR_Referral_Visit_View.

Passwordless Member Access: ICYMI, the new Passwordless feature is fully released! This means anyone who joins your referral program and wants to come back to their member portal won’t need a password — instead, they can log in through Google, Facebook, or an email link.

If your account was created after May 11 (or you aren’t sure), submit a request to get Passwordless turned on for your referral program, or read more about it here.

Smaller Improvements:

  • Image sizing fixes in the member portal (so there’s no extra white space or image stretching)

  • Resent/reissued rewards now showing in the Activity section of the program dashboard

  • Wise error message now shows low/no balance (instead of generic error message)

Did you know? 🤔

Referral Rock supports 30+ form integrations for referral tracking?
See the full list here

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