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[Passwordless] Get more shares from your program with no passwords

How an easier login experience leads to more sharing from your referral program participants.

This is a Feature Updates edition, where we go deep on a feature and how it enhances the referral experience. 

Other editions include Data Insights and Monthly Roundups.

A key ingredient of a successful referral program is making it as easy as possible for people to share.

Our historical data shows that if referral program participants need a password to access their unique share links, a large portion of them won’t do it.

That’s why we’re excited to announce the wide release of Referral Rock’s new Passwordless Member Access feature. Anyone who joined your referral program and wants to come back to their Member Portal to share won’t have to deal with passwords anymore!

This frictionless experience means more people sharing your products or services vs. being annoyed with a password and bouncing. 🎉

How does a sharer get in without a password?

The power lies in using popular social logins like Google and Facebook — with one click, users can get right in. They can also use their email to get an access link sent to them instantly. Learn more > 

[POLL] What other passwordless login methods should we add next?

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Do I have the passwordless feature?

Passwordless is turned on for all new accounts (signed up May 11, 2023 or after). If your account was created before then (or you aren’t sure), submit a request to get the feature turned on for your referral program.

To sum it up: Passwordless Member Access is another way that Referral Rock treats your customers and affiliates to an ideal referral experience — one that makes sharing super easy and keeps sharers in the loop with a dedicated portal, automatic notifications, and up-to-date stats.

Wishing you a great rest of the month 😎

- Erin

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