[April 2024] 🤠 What’s new in Referral Rock

Office hours, multi-org accounts, revisit portal improvements + what we're working on now

Welcome to the April 2024 roundup, where we share what’s new at Referral Rock. 🤠 Other semi-monthly editions include Data Insights and Feature Updates.

Hi there,

I recently joined two office hour sessions hosted by Vitally, a customer success platform, and SparkToro, an audience research tool. They each had a different style and format but both were very insightful.

The Vitally one was a Zoom call with a small group of people. The host presented a recent product update and then participants asked questions. The informal setting allowed people to ask about anything which let me get answers to several off-topic questions.

The SparkToro one was larger with 100+ people and hosted using a webinar platform. The guest speaker and 2 hosts (Rand and Amanda who are also well-known figures on social media) gave an in-depth presentation on a strategic topic (Who Sends Traffic on the Web, How Much, and What's Changing?). They were able to engage the audience with an interesting topic and create a community feel with their friendly personalities.

Despite their differences, both sessions provided valuable insights and fostered learning from others with similar questions and challenges.

We’re restarting our office hour sessions in May (just published some classics on our Youtube channel) and would appreciate your input to make these events as beneficial as possible.

Please share your feedback in this short questionnaire. It should only take a minute or two to complete. Thanks!


👀 Content Updates

Get members to join your program with one click (product): Members can instantly join and access their Portal in one click (no registration needed). Updated instructions for building One Click Access Links plus details on how the experience works for your members in different scenarios.

Add referral banner (product): Updated instructions for adding a banner/pop-up to your website when a referral visits. Better explanation of how it works and how to request access.

Referral program webinars & office hours (videos): Posted several older webinars and office hour sessions covering promotion, rewards, and best practices for running a successful referral program. Content is still very relevant and useful.

Learn about referral tracking (blog): New explainer video, improved free manual tracking spreadsheet, and updated content. Better explanation of how referral tracking works and introduction to manual and digital tracking solutions.

Product Updates

Multi-Org Accounts + Segmentation: Maintain brand consistency across all your programs while giving individual teams and users the flexibility they need. Revisit other segmentation features to better personalize your messaging and programs. Our update support article includes details on how it works and how to setup different programs.

  • Assign program-based roles to manage which programs users can see and what permissions they have

  • Fund rewards from different budgets or teams (funding no longer needs to come from a single source)

  • Create program templates to ensure consistency across all programs

Enhanced Member Portal Views (ICYMI): The Member Portal plays a pivotal role in how we approach referral programs. It is the central hub for sharing and engagement. And we’ve made it better. Our update support article includes details on how it works and how to better customize it.

See it in Action: Interactive Demo and Mobile Experience

What are we working on now?

In April, we started redesigning the admin site. This will make it easier to navigate the software, get your work done, and stay updated on product developments. The new design looks a lot better. It has a clean, modern feel and everything is a lot more intuitive.

This is a big project but we hope to share more updates next month.

Did you know?

You can request program audits at any time. Our team of experts will review your program for best practices and provide actionable recommendations on how to improve your program. Request a program audit.

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