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  • [Multi-Org Accounts] 🌟 3 key features to Segment & Personalize

[Multi-Org Accounts] 🌟 3 key features to Segment & Personalize

Tailored referral experiences and targeted communications based on your audience

This is a Feature Updates edition, where we go deep on a feature and how it enhances the referral experience. Other editions include Data Insights and Monthly Roundups.

Hey there,

We're diving deep into the power of segmentation this month! Discover how to personalize your referral programs for different audiences and maximize engagement.

Here are some of the things you can do:

  • Create custom referral experiences for different locations and geographies

  • Give each of your business units or franchises their own program

  • Empower individual sales reps to recruit new members

  • Make your top advocates feel like VIPs with exclusive perks and rewards

  • Engage customers in their native language and currency

  • Run separate programs for customers, affiliates, partners, or employees

Let's break it down.

🏢 (NEW) Multi-Org Accounts: Greater program controls

Maintain brand consistency across all your programs while giving individual teams and users the flexibility they need. Multi-Org Accounts are great for franchises, brands, or sales rep-based programs that need more control.

  • Assign program-based roles to manage which programs users can see and what permissions they have

  • Fund rewards from different budgets or teams (funding no longer needs to come from a single source)

  • Create program templates to ensure consistency across all programs

🌐 Multiple Programs: Tailored experiences

Create unique referral programs for each customer segment, region, location, and business unit. Multiple Programs make it easy to:

  • Provide unique branding, messaging, and sharing options to different audiences

  • Customize program details and configurations

  • Analyze each program separately

🎯 Member Segments: Filter and send targeted messages

Find and analyze members based on their attributes and behaviors. Understand who’s in your referral program, what they’re doing, and create campaigns to improve engagement. Member Segments let you:

  • Categorize your members using any combination of attributes, from demographics to referral activity and program engagement

  • Identify your top-performing advocates and biggest fans (then build better relationships with them)

  • Send relevant, targetted messages to each member based on their segment

💰 Tiered Rewards: Motivate your best advocates

Craft reward structures that keep your advocates engaged. Set up milestones, tiers, and custom rewards to encourage people to keep sharing. Create reward rules to:

  • Incentivize your best advocates (better rewards for bringing in more referrals)

  • Offer exclusive, high-value rewards and perks to your VIP segments

  • Give one-off rewards based on member segmentation

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Happy segmenting!

- Mica


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