[November 2023] 🤠 What’s new in Referral Rock

There’s a new Launch tab in the program editor, plus a better way to request help.

Welcome to the November 2023 roundup, where we share what’s new in Referral Rock. 🤠 Other semi-monthly editions include Data Insights and Feature Updates.

Hi there,

As we near the end of 2023 (can you believe it?!), it’s valuable to reflect on the year’s accomplishments and identify the skills we want to continue developing in 2024.

For me, that means diving into marketing ops. As a creative marketer, operations and data don't come as naturally to me. But I recognize their importance in becoming a well-rounded marketer AND being able to move faster on marketing projects (including website improvements, growth experiments, and SEO content). 

I love this article on the journey to become a more quantitative marketer, which serves as a great reminder that while data isn't everything, understanding its intricacies and limitations can help you level up. 

Speaking of data, we have a new blog post dedicated to referral program metrics. It offers valuable insights into measuring program success, so you can hone in on the key results that matter most to your company. 

And with that, onto what we shipped this month! 🌟

- Erin

📣 Product Updates

“Launch” tab in program editor - Following the release of the new program link builder, we have a new “Launch” tab (formerly “Promote”) in the program editor. This tab’s simple 3-step checklist gives you the confidence to launch when you’re ready and promote your program with the tools you already use (e.g. HubSpot). 

🔗 Don’t forget to try the new program link builder, which lets you create personalized access links to use on emails, landing pages, and web and mobile apps. It’s the easiest way to spread the word about your program!

The new Launch tab and checklist

Request Assistance workflow - Getting help just got even easier! Go to Help > Request Assistance from your admin dashboard and follow the prompts to get fast, targeted assistance. 

Smaller Improvements: 

  • Updated Tango payment failure message (to show admins the error reason)

  • Hubspot integration performance updates 

  • Improved global share icon (now displays as circle)

  • Ability to migrate a member from one program to another (details)

Did you know? 🤔

Through Referral Rock’s open API and Member Access endpoint, you can build a custom embedded share experience (widget) directly on your site or app. Learn more >

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