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Scheduled Payouts, CRM Updates, and Admin UI Improvements

Issue your rewards on a schedule and so much more

We've got a big batch of updates for you this month, so let's get started!

Scheduled payouts

Previously, the options for issuing payouts were limited to automatically issuing them once they were earned or having a team member manually issue your payouts.

We are excited to announce that you now have more flexibility when it comes to when your payouts are issued!

Customers on our Growth and Established Business plans now have the ability to schedule their payouts. This means you can set your payouts to issue at the end of every day, every week, or every month. This has been a highly requested feature by our customers who desired more control over when reward funds leave their escrow accounts.This is also a great addition for any of our customers using payout eligibility days (configured on the Reward Rules Page). As a reminder, payout eligibility days dictate how many days must pass before a reward can be issued. By using scheduled payouts in conjunction with payout eligibility days, you can set your payouts to automatically issue as soon as the eligibility period is met.

Also, administrators will now receive a scheduled payout summary delivered via email after each batch payout has been issued. This email will give confirmation of the issued payouts, detail any issues that arose during the payout process, as well as provide the remaining balance in your escrow accounts.

CRM updates

Over the last six months, we have made a lot of improvements to our direct Salesforce and HubSpot integrations. Making these integrations effective and easy to set up are top priorities, as so many of our customers rely on them for managing their referral programs.

Therefore, we wanted to update you on some of the newer improvements and features to our CRM integrations.

1. “Packageless” Salesforce Integration (Salesforce v2) for referral updates. Salesforce v2 uses an oAuth connection to your Salesforce account and unlike our previous version, does not require a package installation. You can read more about this option.

Note: For any customers using our Salesforce Classic integration, we will continue to support this version going forward

2. Salesforce Referral Add integration can now be configured to add the referral as a Lead or Contact.

3. We now support custom field mapping from Referral Rock to Salesforce/HubSpot. If you are using custom fields in Referral Rock to collect referral information, you can now map that data so it is passed directly into your CRM.

4. Updated duplicate logic for both Salesforce and HubSpot integrations. Using a smarter algorithm to detect duplicates, Referral Rock is now better equipped to ensure that only the referrals you want are added to your CRM.

Improvements to the admin experience

A big focus of Referral Rock’s in 2020 will be refining and improving the administrative experience for our users. From the program editor, to notifications and billing, to member and referral management, be on the lookout for continued updates in this area.

Maybe you’ve noticed some improvements already! Inside the program editor, we have done major cleanup and organization to our Member Portal Editor, Email and Notification, and Additional Options pages.

Our hope is that these updates make it easier to make program changes and go about your day.