New Dashboard + More Data and Analytics

Check out our new and improved home dashboard

This month we are excited to announce our improved homepage dashboard! Our updated dashboard interface gives you and your team the information and insights needed to make better decisions and optimize your referral program.

Watch the video to learn more about how to navigate the new homepage.

new homepage dashboard


  • Get a high level overview of your members, referrals, and program performance

  • Take action on key items such as issuing rewards or reloading your gift card balance

  • Keep track of valuable management statistics inside your account, including number of invite emails sent or if any referrals have been blocked by fraud.


  • Manipulate the date filters to dive deeper into the activity of your referral program(s)

  • The lines on the graph represent the current selected time period (dark blue) and compare it to the previous time period (light grey)

  • These comparison charts will aide your team in easily spotting any potential issues or downward trends right away