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Embed the Full Member Experience + Map Custom HubSpot Pipelines (and Other HubSpot Updates)

New portal embed and updated HubSpot pipeline options

In this month’s update, we discuss our new portal embed option and updated HubSpot pipeline mappings – plus UI updates!

We’ve got a lot to cover, so let’s get started:

Embed the member portal onto your site

An exciting feature for customers wanting to display our experience onto their own website or mobile app, our member portal is now available to embed! Previously, we have allowed for the option to embed only the sharing widget. While this is still an excellent integration for customers who want a streamlined sharing experience for their members, the more robust embed option provides you with the ability to host the entire member portal on your own site.

Now, through a one-time API call, you can give members a secure experience to access their personal data, such as their referrals and rewards, without ever having to leave your site or mobile app!


Map custom HubSpot pipelines (+ other HubSpot updates)

Here at Referral Rock, no two referral programs are the same. And we’ve come to find that no two HubSpot instances are the same either. In order to fit your unique HubSpot set up, we’ve updated our native integration to allow for increased custom pipeline mapping and more status triggers.

Now, in order to accommodate additional pipelines, when setting up your HubSpot integration you may now indicate three approved, two qualified, and two denied status triggers.

Also, during setup, your custom HubSpot pipeline names will be pulled into the corresponding drop down fields, making it simple to assign your custom mapping to our status triggers.


Over the last month, you may have already noticed significant design updates to our native HubSpot integration. The new design allows for a straightforward and streamlined way for you to set up, test, and troubleshoot your HubSpot connection.