Integrate Your Referral Program With Your Website

Use our JavaScript SDK to connect Referral Rock with your site

Ever wonder how your referral program is impacting your website?

As customers continue referring their friends and family, being able to monitor all the incoming traffic can be provide a lot of insight.

Our latest update enables you to integrate your referral program with your website using our JavaScript SDK.

How does it work? Just add a simple code into the section of every webpage on your site, and you can already start tracking the full lifecycle of a referral’s web activity.


Here are all the things the script automatically tracks:

  • Tracking referral visits using our brand visit tracking

  • Monitoring on-page referral conversions

  • Embedding member share experiences directly into your website

We go over each of these features below:

Tracking brand visits

From the moment a referred lead visits your site using a Referral Rock link, we track their entire brand visit and attribute any conversions to the advocate who referred them. This is useful for measuring how much traffic advocates are generating and analyzing conversion rates.

Brand visit stats and history can be viewed on the Admin Dashboard, Program Details page, or by clicking the brand visits icon on a Referral Details page.

Monitoring on-page conversions

Track your referrals using any on-page conversion event. This is especially useful for multi-step conversion flows where a referral goes through several steps before they arrive on the final confirmation page.

With the addition of a simple script on your confirmation page, such as an order confirmation or new account page, you can be sure referrals are only created at the right time.

Integrating member share experiences

Encourage as many customer referrals as possible by embedding the entire member portal or share widget directly into your site. Our member access script integrates the entire referral share experience so members don’t have to spend any extra time logging in, and can get straight to referring others.