Integration Scripts, Imports, Tracking, and More

Check out our new integration scripts!

It’s been a little while since our last product update but that doesn’t mean we’ve slowed down. In the last two months, we’ve added several exciting new features and improved many existing ones.

We continue to make the product easier to use, more customizable, and better integrated so that you can more effectively automate your referral marketing programs.

Integration scripts SDK

Businesses are getting more complex as the demand for your client’s attention increases. As a result, businesses are adding easier call to actions to engage their customers before asking for the sale.

This multiple stage process helps you identify and engage your customers earlier on in your sales process but makes referral tracking more difficult.

Our previous conversion tracking pixel/scripts only handled capturing referrals. We’ve started a new set of integration scripts (JavaScript) for you to set up on your site with extended functionality. There are two main components to the integration scripts:

  • Core scripts: Should be on all your pages

  • Event scripts: Scripts that are event specific (i.e., conversion tracking and referral updates)

Event script: Conversion tracking (replaces old script)

Our new conversion tracking integrates with your existing lead capture process so you can use your same sales workflow to capture new referrals. The old script still works but our new one allows you to:

  • Track more fields and map them to your referral

  • Capture information from the URL

Event Script: Referral update (new)

We’ve also released a referral update event script to track your referrals throughout your online sales process. This allows you to automatically record where a referral is in your process and update their status according.

The referral statuses are important in matching your referral process to your sales process and only issuing rewards based on your desired action (usually a completed sale). Our referral update script automates this process by:

  • Updating the referral’s status based on an online event (i.e. got a quote, made a purchase)

  • Adding/updating the data fields to reflect any changes (i.e. recording the sales amount or other fields)

Not only do the new integration scripts make it easier to manage and automate your referral process but they lay the groundwork for some exciting future improvements to increase member and referral engagement.

You can access your integration scripts here. All of this information is then logged in your event log for testing and tracking purposes.


This highly requested feature is finally here. You can now import a list of:

  • Members

  • Referrals

  • Update the referral status

This is all done by uploading a CSV file and is great for any business that uses difficult to integrate systems such as point of pales, industry specific software, disconnected software, or legacy systems.

Regardless of where your customer lists lives, you can now import it directly into Referral Rock. Just upload your file and we’ll handle the rest.

Manage new leads and customers offline? No problem. Upload a list of any new customers and we can either add or cross-reference them against any existing referrals you have.

See our knowledge base article for more information on importing members and referrals.

referral rock import actions

Integration is key for us and we want to make this as easy as possible, regardless of your sales process.

Email management and tracking

Ever wondered if your emails get delivered? Now you can track all emails that get sent by Referral Rock. We’ll tell you if someone opens it, clicks on a link, unsubscribes, or files a spam complaint.

Resend any undelivered emails from a completely different server. We take spam and email deliverability seriously but if your emails are undelivered for any reason, we can let you resend them from a new server!

referral rock email log history

You can track and manage your emails here.

Miscellaneous features

In addition to some new features, we’ve improved some existing ones.

  • Referral form redirect: The referral form can now redirect your new referrals to your website or anywhere else after they’ve completed the form. This is a great way to continue developing their experience with your business and brand.

  • Dashboard graphs and reporting: Updates to the dashboard graphs to better filter data and see trends over time.

  • Payment history and tracking: Improvements to the member payment history and tracking to better troubleshoot and handle payment delivery

  • Referral and member source tracking: Added source tracking for members and referrals to see where they originated from and better understand your more successful promotion channels

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