Do More With Member Messaging in HubSpot

A breakdown of what you can now do using our Referral Rock and HubSpot integration

We’re excited to announce the latest release of our native HubSpot integration. Our team’s been working hard to bring you new features that allow even more control when managing referral programs from inside your HubSpot account.

Here’s a breakdown of what you can now do using our Referral Rock and HubSpot integration:

📧 Promote your program in HubSpot emails

Our new Members to Contacts feature lets you port over your referral program member information (i.e., their referral URL or program stats) so you can use them in any HubSpot email you send.

By pulling data from Referral Rock into HubSpot, you can get straight to promoting your program right away.

🗂 Filter contacts by member properties

With all your member data now stored in HubSpot’s contact records, you can filter and segment using any member property in just a few clicks. This allows you to target any segment you want – for example, members with the most recent activity or highest number of referrals – and send them a dedicated email message.

Referral Rock - HubSpot Email Promotion

🔓Unlock workflows with properties in HubSpot

Having all your contacts in one place makes it even easier to create workflows based on specific activity. You can trigger an automated workflow whenever a members earns a reward or gets a new referral, allowing your team to work more efficiently while staying in touch with your best members.

Check out our HubSpot documentation for more videos and guides on these new features.